nailpolish craving XD

hey you guys. I’ve really been recently wanting to expand my nail polish collection but don’t want to go to a store and just buy random ones because knowing me i would probably go a little crazy and but a teeny tiny bit so much so i decided to come up with a list of ten nail polishes that i really want. so here goes

1) under the stars from Rescue Beauty Lounge. this is kind of a splurge for nail polish but it’s such a pretty color so I’m trying to justify buying it for $18


2) flip flop fantasy form China Glaze. ooh the perfect color for summer in my opinion and corals are very popular this season


3) Revlon cherries in the snow. it’s such a pretty pinky red and i really think the color would look good on my skin tone.


4) just potted the lizard by OPI. this is the kin of out there color but i think it’s a very unique color maybe more for the fall time.


5) do you lilac it by OPI. what a gorgeous pastel and the name is just so cute!! ^.^


6) coral denominator from Nicole by OPI. this i think is a really unique color and it looks so shiny!


7) mojito madness from Essie. it’s a really pretty green color but I’m not sure weather it’s more sage like or lime green in person.


8) i have a herring problem from OPI. it’s such a chic blue grey color with some shimmer in it. I love it so much!! ❤


9) Japanese rose garden by OPI. beautiful dusty rose garden and i love japan even though I’ve never been there.


10) last but not least. turned up turquoise from China Glaze.turquoise is my favorite color so i obviously love this color


well hope you guys enjoyed!



PS: the pictures on this post are not mine and all of them belong to whomever took them or owns them.


About ddbunny98

i am a random bored girl who whould love to start a blog about random things from books to fashion to random things
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