Life update

I know o haven been very good with posting blogs and I promise I’ll try my best and by the end if august all the craziness should be done. I love in the USA now but on august 10 I’m going to back to where I was born which is on literally the other end of the world and so these last months are going to be dedicated to my friends and me having fun on our last days for a while together so the posts will not come very frequently
Hope you understand

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July TBR

here are the books i am planning to read in the month of July. hopefully i get to all of them.

1) Insurgent by Veronica Roth . sequel to divergent I’m so exited to read this book!! yey


2) Gone by Micheal Grant


3) Hunger by Micheal Grant


4) My Life Next Door bu Huntley Fitzpatrick



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nailpolish craving XD

hey you guys. I’ve really been recently wanting to expand my nail polish collection but don’t want to go to a store and just buy random ones because knowing me i would probably go a little crazy and but a teeny tiny bit so much so i decided to come up with a list of ten nail polishes that i really want. so here goes

1) under the stars from Rescue Beauty Lounge. this is kind of a splurge for nail polish but it’s such a pretty color so I’m trying to justify buying it for $18


2) flip flop fantasy form China Glaze. ooh the perfect color for summer in my opinion and corals are very popular this season


3) Revlon cherries in the snow. it’s such a pretty pinky red and i really think the color would look good on my skin tone.


4) just potted the lizard by OPI. this is the kin of out there color but i think it’s a very unique color maybe more for the fall time.


5) do you lilac it by OPI. what a gorgeous pastel and the name is just so cute!! ^.^


6) coral denominator from Nicole by OPI. this i think is a really unique color and it looks so shiny!


7) mojito madness from Essie. it’s a really pretty green color but I’m not sure weather it’s more sage like or lime green in person.


8) i have a herring problem from OPI. it’s such a chic blue grey color with some shimmer in it. I love it so much!! ❤


9) Japanese rose garden by OPI. beautiful dusty rose garden and i love japan even though I’ve never been there.


10) last but not least. turned up turquoise from China Glaze.turquoise is my favorite color so i obviously love this color


well hope you guys enjoyed!



PS: the pictures on this post are not mine and all of them belong to whomever took them or owns them.

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Summer has started for me today and I just needed something to do so i decided to start a random blog hence the name. I really don’t expect anyone to read this but I’m just doing this for my fun. So I decided that for my very first post i would do the this or that tag. You guys can do it too!!! now to the questions 🙂


blush or bronzer: I would pick blush

lip gloss or lipstick: lip gloss

eye liner or mascara: depends I think eyeliner makes my eyes look better but i don’t use it everyday like i do with mascara. so mascara for everyday but overall I like eye liner better. (hope that made sense 😛 )

foundation or concealer: foundation because it covers more area and it kind of could work as a concealer

neutral or color eye shadow: neutral

pressed or loose eye shadows:pressed

brushes or sponges: brushes

OPI or china glaze: ooh a hard one. I think I’ll have to cheat and say both…sorry

Long or short: short

Acrylic or natural: natural. acrylic is annoying to get off and kind of hurts my fingers

Brights or darks: depends on the season. winters in the dark and brights in the summer

Flower or no flower: flower on the ring finger only

perfume or body splash: perfume they tend to last longer

lotion or body butter: body butter i have quite dry skin so body butter is always better

body wash or soap: body wash

lush or other bath company: lush!!!! it’s starting to become somewhat of an obsession


jeans or sweat pants: jeans

long sleeve of short: short

dresses or skirts: dresses

stripes or plaid:stripes

flip-flops or sandals: sandals

scarves or hats: scarves

studs or dangly earrings: depends i guess studs because i wear them more often

necklaces or bracelets: necklaces

heels or flats: flats even though heels are gorgeous I’m an insanely clumsy person so i can only wear them once in a while so i don’t have a constantly sprained ankle from tripping XD

cowboy boots or riding boots: riding boots

jacket or hoodie: hoodie

forever 21 or charlotte russe: forever 21

Abercrombie or Hollister: Hollister there things are almost the same expect for Hollister is cheaper so Hollister

saks 5th or Nordstrom: saks


curly or straight: i prefer it curly but most of the times i wear it naturally so it would be straight. but i like curly better so curly

bun or pony tail: pony tail

bobby pins or butterfly clips: bobby pins

hair spray or gel :hair spray

long or short: medium

light or dark: dark light would NOT look good with my skin tone

side sweep bangs or full bangs: side sweep bangs

up or down:down


Rain or shine: shine any day. I am definitely a summer, hot weather sort of person

summer or winter: like I said in the last question warm weather summer though i do love all the holidays around the winter

Fall or spring: probably spring because everything is growing again and it’s so pretty and refreshing especially after a hard winter

Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

East coast or west coast: I live on the east coast so I should probably say east coast but i prefer the west coast



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